' Maple Springs Vineyard - 2019 Steel Chardonnay
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Maple Springs Vineyard

2019 Steel Chardonnay

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$32.00 per Bottle


Designed as a fruit forward, acid driven, and aromatic wine, our 2019 Steel Chardonnay delivers on every level.  Stripped down to its essence, without the influence of oak or malolactic fermentation, this wine shows the true character and profile of Maple Springs Vineyard Chardonnay with a clean and un-adulterated purity that celebrates this noble grape.  The fermentation of this wine was completed with a combination of non-saccharomyces yeast and a hybrid cross of S. Cerevisiae and S. Paradoxus.  These unusual yeasts work in synchronicity to bring out the naturally occurring fruit character and aromatic profile hidden in the juice.  Held cold during fermentation to slow the changes that occur as the juice evolved into wine created a very delectable harmony.  The wine was clarified and bottled with gentle handling in order to avoid any loss of flavor or aroma.  We hope you enjoy this extremely limited release of lovely and rare wine.

Vintage 2019
Appellation Pennsylvania
Size 750 ml